How to unlock free Xander skin in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3

It seemed like Fortnite forgot about Xander after adding the skin to the files in Chapter 2 Season 5. The outfit is a part of the latest 21.20 update and players will be able to unlock it for free by completing some Refer-a-Friend challenges.

Alongside Madcap, Xander is easily one of the most anticipated skins in the history of Fortnite. It has been in the files for years, and Epic Games is releasing it in Chapter 3 Season 3 as a free reward.

Fortnite players can unlock Xander through the Refer-a-friend program

Fortnite’s Refer-a-Friend program is basically a way to bring new players to the game. Epic Games’ battle royale title definitely looks great at the moment, and now might be a suitable time for you to introduce your friends to it.

Here’s how one can get Xander by referring a friend:

  • Visit Epic Games’ Refer-a-Friend website (the website isn’t available yet, we’ll update the article as soon as it goes live)
  • Log in with your Epic Games account.
  • Once signed in, you can refer up to five players (existing or new). However, they must have played the game (Battle Royale matches) for less than two hours in the last 30 days.

After registering the ‘referees’, you simply need to play games with them and earn free cosmetic rewards. This time around, the free rewards will be the Xander outfit and other cosmetics related to him such as a banner and spray.

Fortnite Xander skin
Xander skin in Fortnite

For now, leakers haven’t disclosed the specific challenges. Back in October 2021, Epic Games released Rainbow Racer as a free reward for the Refer-a-Friend program but the final challenge turned out to be very challenging. So much so that players gave up on unlocking the free skin.

UPDATE: The Refer-a-Friend challenges have been leaked:

  • Play 1 Game with your Referred Friend (BR & Zero Build Supported) –
  • Place Top 10 3 times with your Referred Friend (BR & Zero Build Supported)
  • Eliminate 10 Opponents with your Referred Friend (BR & Zero Build Supported)
  • Have both accounts gain at least 60 account levels since having started the program.

It is evident that unlocking free rewards in Fortnite has been quite a tedious process lately. While playing 100 Fall Guys rounds for Major Mancake was manageable for some players, The Nindo challenges for a free wrap and glider triggered the free-to-play community.

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